What Is Green Demolition

Globalization has been playing a prominent role in promoting green technologies and initiatives all over the globe. Green Demolition is one of the offshoots of the global green initiative that involves reduction of waste during a construction project. Additionally, it involves the strategic utilization of recycling and reusing of the materials that have been utilized in the demolition process. Green Demolition is still a nascent industry, though it is getting recognized in the US and several areas of the world.

What does Green Demolition involve?

A home can become unfit to live after several years of dwelling. Such a situation may possibly arise due to the usage of poor construction materials, unsanitary conditions due to the increase of toxic and chemical waste along with other safety hazards.

It is often common to have your home repaired. However , the cost of repair risk turning out to be so high that it will become necessary to destroy and re-construct the complete structure. Unlike the standard demolition process that is completed with a bulldozer and dumpster rental , if you go for Green Demolition, the residual materials are neither damaged nor contaminated. These materials are instead recycled and reused for the reconstruction. At least 50-60 percent of all of the materials of the house such as bricks, masonry, wooden floors, cabinets and drywalls can be recycled and used for the subsequent construction purposes.

What are its benefits?

Using Green Demolition brings a lot of benefits not merely to individuals, but also to the community and environment on a whole.

Offers safety – This type of demolition supplies a lot of the safety to the project as well as to the neighborhood. When it comes to demolishing a structure, the traditional demolition process causes wastage of resources, high-level of pollution as a result of toxic and hazardous materials (if not properly treated), noise pollution, and destruction of trees.

Effective waste management – Recycling that requires processing old materials in to new ones and reusing of the old material are effective waste management practices that are used to protect the environmental surroundings and increases sustainability within the earth. Green demolition saves around 80 percent of the construction waste from a landfill.