Toxic Mold

Some Mold Is Extremely Toxic

There are some mold species that excrete toxic gases which can lead to black mold poisoning for humans. The mold spores are also harmful to our health but the mycotoxins or the gaseous secretions are the most harmful ones. Being exposed too much to black mold spores can be fatal especially to infants and older people. Mycotoxins can be lethal to anyone regardless of age. If you find mold in your home you should have a mold removal expert take care of the problem right away.

Don’t Let Mold Get A foothold

Don’t allow the environment in your home to become a place where mold can grow and thrive. If you have a roof leak or a pipe that leaks or anything that cause a wet environment correct that problem quickly. Stay aware of your homes environment and keep you living quarters clean and properly maintained. Mold spores are in the air everywhere and searching for a place to land and grow.

Black Mold

Black mold (Stachybotrys chartarum) poisoning can lead to death. Our bodies are able to tolerate being exposed to small amounts of mycotoxins for a short time. However, large quantities of these can be very harmful to our health especially for those who have weak immune systems. Little babies and older people are more at risk for this health hazard. People who are sick or have infections are also more susceptible to black mold allergies and black mold poisoning.

Allergy Like Symptoms

Symptoms of black mold poisoning can show through coughs, anemia, chest congestions, and frequent nosebleeds. The milder signs can be further aggravated if the person is exposed more and more to mold. The symptoms are similar to hay fever. The person can have a cough, itchy eyes, a runny nose, frequent sneezing, and throat irritation. Once you suspect that your health issues are caused by black mold or mold allergy, talk to a doctor right away. A lot of people have serious problem and even die because they are exposed to mycotoxins. Many people still do not realize that mold allergies can lead to death. Black mold poisoning begins to show as a simple allergy but this can get a lot worse and even fatal in some cases.

Keep An Eye Out For Signs of Mold

Look out for little black specks. These can be the molds that reside in the insulation or the dry wall, around windows and even under the carpet. Storing damp clothes can make a breeding ground for a black mold infestation. These start off as little black spots. Pretty soon they will grow and start ruining the clothes. Refrain from using towels or clothes that show black molds in them. Getting this black mold onto your skin can be very bad for your health and might lead to mold poisoning with all its consequences. You can easily spot signs of a black mold infestation. Usually you will smell a musty scent inside your house or flat. This is a great way to recognize an infestation. Frequent inhaling of the mycotoxins is very bad so talk to a professional right away if you suspect black molds in your home and have mold inspection done. These people can assess the house well and see if there is black mold living in your ceiling or walls.